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Welcome to Studio 63 Health and Fitness

Studio 63 Health and Fitness is a private, boutique fitness-training studio located in South Morang, overlooking the peaceful Plenty Gorge Parklands.

Whether you are sweating it out in the studio boxing, participating in a dynamic resistance training session, strengthening your core or working on improving your posture and flexibility, every workout will be different, challenging and tailored specifically to you. [Read more about Personal Training]

If you are looking for exercise that is fun and social, but will challenge you, perhaps a group session is for you. Studio 63 Health and Fitness’s “Beginners Boot Camp” (Outdoor Movement Training) sessions in the tranquil grounds of Farm Vigano will leave you feeling fitter, stronger and more energised to get through your day. [Read more about Beginners Bootcamp]

You may be learning strength and conditioning training for the first time or wishing to take your workouts to the next level. As your trainer, I will be consistently monitoring your progress, providing you with motivation and ongoing professional guidance and support to get you to where you want to be. As a registered exercise professional and a registered nurse, you are in safe hands. You will learn which exercises are best for you, how to do the movements correctly to prevent injury and work out more time efficiently. [Read more about your Personal Trainer]

I am passionately committed to helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle so you look healthy and feel your best. [Read about what clients are saying]

Call Julie on 0410 578 477 today or enquire here.