That’s the amount of Aussie women aged 51 to 70 years who are failing to meet their calcium needs. If you are in this age group, you need 4 serves of dairy a day to keep your bones healthy and strong to avoid osteoporosis. The recommended calcium daily intake for women 50+ is 1300mg.

Here are some easy ways to increase your daily calcium intake.
- drink a glass of milk. (350mg per 250ml glass)
A 250ml glass of milk provides a 1/3 of your daily calcium needs. Try to buy milk that has more than 120mg calcium per 100ml. Or try calcium-fortified alternatives to cows milk. Other milks include soy milk, rice milk, oat milk and almond milk.

- top your porridge with yoghurt and chopped almonds

- swap tea for a warm milk and Milo

- snack on a small wedge of hard cheese with fresh fruit

- spread smooth ricotta onto a slice of grainy fruit toast.

If you can’t tolerate dairy, it may be hard to reach your target for this mineral. Try these alternatives to the white stuff.

- Base your stir fry on firm tofu (550mg per 170mg serve)
For a non-dairy alternative, you can’t go past tofu. Add a palm size portion to your daily diet to get close to half your daily calcium intake.

-Crack open a can of pink salmon with bones (300mg per 100g can)
Salmon with tiny edible bones pack almost the same calcium power as a 250ml glass of reduced fat milk!

- Munch on a handful of raw almonds (70mg per 30g handful)
These tasty nuts are not only a modest source of calcium but a satisfying snack thanks to their fibre and protein.

Tip: Reduced fat milk is slightly higher in calcium than regular milk. The process of fat removal increases the watery portion, which increases the calcium. As a rich source of calcium, milk helps build strong, healthy bones, while its protein content makes a glass of milk a truly hunger busting snack that keeps you feeling satisfied.