Personal Training

Personal Training is all about YOU! 

I will tailor your training experience to your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle. Training workouts can take place within the studio or outdoors. I strive to make each session as individualised as possible, time effective and lots of fun!

Would Personal Training benefit me?

Definitely! Everyone knows having a Personal Trainer is the best way to get results, to stay motivated and committed to your goals. But it is more than that. I will develop your training program to suit your postural requirements, your fitness level and your goals. Trying to teach yourself how to use gym equipment safely as well as executing the right muscles by using the correct techniques, and choosing the right exercise to get results, can be so confusing. This is where a Personal Trainer comes in. I will teach you how to perform exercises correctly, safely and efficiently. I will provide you with guidance, motivation and education to ensure you establish healthy and effective movement patterns right from the beginning.

When you schedule an appointment with a Personal Trainer, you make a commitment to yourself – a commitment that as your Personal Trainer,  I won’t let you break!


Please contact me via email or mobile 0410 578 477.


Booking and payment is made via the online booking system and PayPal. You will receive an email confirming your booking and payment.                                                                                            

Please contact me to book in for your initial Health and Fitness Consultation. This is essential for all new clients, so we can partner together on your journey towards optimum health, fitness and wellbeing.

There is an option to train while your children play in a safe environment. Please write me a note on your booking request if you intend to bring your children.